sulabha kriya yoga - a multi purpose health tool for all - by manda ravinder reddy
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kati vyayama
sandhi vyayama
deergagathi swasana kiryas
mandagathi swasana kriyas
manasshariraka shwasana kriyas
dhyanam with pranayama and shabda

 Deerghagathi Shwasana Kriyas

These are designed on the basic principles of Kapalabhathi, Bhasthrika pranayama etc.

These provides good exercise to the lungs, good supply of Pranavayu (oxygen), energy to the cells, balances the phlegm (kapha), bile, Vatha (nervous system) levels and helps in eliminating the toxins, and wastages from blood, respiratory, digestive systems of the body thus gives a purified status/ feeling to the body and mind. It balances the functioning of respiratory system, digestive system, and human reproductive system by regulating the related organs and glands, reduces the phlegm (kapha) and thus helps in curing asthma.

It is much helpful in providing good relief from allergy, esinofelia, asthma, acidity, gas trouble, menstrual, and reproductive disorders. It helps in cleaning the brain. These are useful in strengthening abdomen and stomach and urinary bladder, and reproductive organs, pancreas and ovaries, kidneys.

Contra indication: People with mania, bipolar disorders, psychopenia, and dopler psychosis should avoid these, but it is good for people with depression.

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