sulabha kriya yoga - a multi purpose health tool for all - by manda ravinder reddy
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kati vyayama
sandhi vyayama
deergagathi swasana kiryas
mandagathi swasana kriyas
manasshariraka shwasana kriyas
dhyanam with pranayama and shabda

 Manasshariraka- Shwasana Kriyas
        ( Psycho-somatic-breathing exercises)

These include physical, psychological and Shwasana kriyas (commonly practiced breathing activities) and provide fine exercise to muscles, joints, lungs, and mind. The strength of muscles, joints by improving the blood circulation of pranavayu (oxygen) and blood to the cells in the body. It also provides exercise to our mind, includes self-suggestion activity, and provides the sensory control over the body.

It increases concentration as we cyclically concentrate on the muscle contraction and relaxation purifies the thoughts and gives relaxation physically and psychologically. It helps in reducing muscle spasms, preventing osteoporosis, increasing bone strength. These are much useful for the old, people with paralysis, people undergone surgeries and bedridden in patients (with proper guidance) preventing muscle spasms, stiffening of muscles, overcoming tingling, numbness and rashes or wound to the skin.

These helps the people in frustration, physical, mental stress, tiredness, general weakness, heart problems, women with menopause, women in post natal period, men with Andre pause, women during pregnancy (with postural modification), women undergone surgeries, in preventing stress, osteoporosis, urinary incontinence, rise in B.P. etc.

These help in relieving from the feeling of loneliness and provide complete relaxation physically and mentally with a feeling of improving health and calmness and strength in the body.

These can be practiced during work as tool to relieve from the above problems in people with sedentary jobs or duties involving constant postural imbalances

The pre and post Shavasana kriyas along with shavasana provides relaxation, rest to the body and mind, brings peace, calmness and purity to the mind. These kriyas also include the self-suggestion activity and provide sensory control.

These are much useful for people with frustration, physical and mental unrest, nervous weakness, diabetes, paralysis, hypertension, heart problem, stress, general weakness etc and can be practiced in any position (sitting, standing etc.) with precautions and some modifications.

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