sulabha kriya yoga - a multi purpose health tool for all - by manda ravinder reddy
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kati vyayama
sandhi vyayama
deergagathi swasana kiryas
mandagathi swasana kriyas
manasshariraka shwasana kriyas
dhyanam with pranayama and shabda

 Sandhi Vyayama (middle level)

It is a collection of simple yogic exercises and provides us the good yogic exercise to the muscles by way of contraction and relaxation with rhythmic movements to our body cells. Avarthana Pranayama (Cyclic Pranayama) and Avarthana Dhyanam (Cyclic Meditation) with self-suggestion activity and can be practiced by the people of all ages.

It is designed on the basic principles of Pranayama, Dhyanam, Asanas (yoga postures) like Thadasana, Arthachakrasana, Arthakati Chakrasana, Padahasthasana etc. (Various yogic exercises (yoga Vyayama) practiced in India from ancient times for getting relaxation of body physically and improving the vitality)

These provide best exercise to our spinal card and its related nerves, muscles and relieves from psychological stress and physical stress. By practicing this daily before and after strain full duties or studies, it gives physical, psychological balance and strength. It strengthens muscles and nervous system, and provides prevention and much relief (helps in preventing and relieving) from chronic spinal problems, insulin resistance, high blood pressure, body shaking, joints pains, tingling numbness, nerves weakness, breathing problems, sleepless ness etc. This increases body balancing power, concentration, and memory power, and gives psychological peace. It is more beneficial to people with insulin resistance and edema feet, body swelling and general weakness. It is being practiced by thousands of students, employees, housewives, agriculture and other laborers, and professionals, old age people and gaining good benefits in coping up with their strain full duties and studies. Helps in relieving from problem of edema feet, numbness, tingling in legs and swelling in legs due to general weakness or continuous sitting and standing postures in their jobs and journeys

It is a good exercise to pregnant women to prevent and overcome circulatory problems in the body mainly in legs, and get relaxed.

These items can be practiced as Yogavyayama (yogic exercise) or yoga asana. Some of these postures when practiced as asanas (staying for few seconds or minutes) and resemble the asanas like Thadasana, Ardhakati Chakrasana, Ardhachakrasana, padahasthasana, Ekapada prasaranasana etc.

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