sulabha kriya yoga - a multi purpose health tool for all - by manda ravinder reddy
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kati vyayama
sandhi vyayama
deergagathi swasana kiryas
mandagathi swasana kriyas
manasshariraka shwasana kriyas
dhyanam with pranayama and shabda

 Yoga History

According to Ayurveda, Vyayama (exercise) helps in improving the circulation of blood and pranavayu (oxygen) to cells all over the body. It improves and strengthens respiratory system, regulates and strengthens the functioning of the heart and cardio vascular system, processes eliminating (shed out) the unwanted waste material (toxins) from the body. It improves muscle strength, muscle control and reduces muscle stiffness/spasms, improves strength of joints as well as maintains their range of motion, flexibility and helps in shaping the body with visible (clear) cuts. It brings out damage caused by sedentary life activities/styles. It increases immunity, prevents and reduces the risk of osteoporosis, cholesterol problems, diabetes, and sleeplessness, fixed back and neck, various psychosomatic problems etc. and increases alertness, efficiency and lightness to the body thus prepares one to cope up with stress in having a blissful life.

Yoga Vyayama means the Vyayama with Pranayama and Dhyana Kriya (exercise with simultaneous controlled breathing and concentration on the movement). It gives exercise to the muscles, nerves as well as the mind. It helps in controlling the body and mind as well with a uniform action to gain control over the body and senses.

Yoga asana means staying in a particular posture with ease for some time. Concentrating the pressure and relaxation on various parts of the body making their function with balance and control and improves the vitality.

Thus one gets control over the senses and postures there by ready for meditation i.e. keeping the concentration on a particular subject or object (with higher spiritual goals) which gives the bliss full rest to the mind and enables him to acquire higher cognitive-functions.

Sulabha kriya yoga includes the following Kriyas comprising of Vyayama (exercise), Primary Pranayama, and Dhyanam.

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